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Writing and elaboration of personalized contents

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The service consists in the elaboration of contents thought for the client of the brand, products or services and thus capture the attention of them providing trust and loyalty.

What is content generation?

• It is a strategy that consists in the development of information for the web.

• The creation of news, articles or other types of informative elements, that seek to expand the knowledge of users about a particular item or subject.

• It is a way to provide a complete experience to the user of a website, offering him much more than what he came to search for.

• More and more people are turning to blogs and Internet sites to get information.

• Attract potential customers by providing information.

• The content is not based on the company, it is based on the client, on his interests, on his thirst for information and to know a little more.

Writing services

Survey of information and writing of notes

- Analysis of the customer's product or service

- Incorporation of keywords within the text for web positioning.

- Increase website traffic due to information demand.

- Gain confidence with users with exclusive content, generating trust in the brand, services and / or products

- Improve the competitiveness of the Company in the perception of users

- Get links generated from our content on other websites.

Supplements to this service.

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Generation of
content for Companies
  • Compatible for SEO
  • Different formats:
  • Internal links
  • Informative surveys
  • 500 words
  • Keywords
  • Descriptive title
  • Contents for curious
  • & more...

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